Claim Reporting

If you need to file a claim, you can get the process started by contacting us or by contacting the insurance company directly.

If your insurance company is not listed below please call our office so we can help assist you.


Travelers Personal Lines: 1-877-252-4633
Travelers Commercial Lines: 1-800-832-7839
Report Claim Online:

Norfolk & Dedham
Norfolk & Dedham Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-688-1825
Report Claim Online:

Safety Insurance
Safety Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-951-2100
Safety Glass Only Claims: 1-877-615-6576
Report Claim Online:

Vermont Mutual
Vermont Mutual Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-435-0397
Report Claim Online:

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Personal Lines: 1-888-324-1620 (to file a new claim, 24/7)
Report Claim Online:

Bunker Hill Insurance
Bunker Hill Personal Lines: 1-888-472-5246 (to file a new claim, 24/7)
Report Claim Online:

Progressive Insurance
Progressive Claims: 1-800-776-4737 (to file a new claim, 24/7)
Report Claim Online:


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