Is Your Condo Insurance Policy Enough?

Make sure your condo in Massachusetts or Boston has the insurance policy it needs for its buildings. A Massachusetts master condo insurance policy is not the same as a unit owner’s condo insurance policy.

As a condo owner, you are responsible for things that the condo association’s master policy coverage in Massachusetts will not, or sometimes does not, cover.

1.  Inside Walls

You may or may not be responsible for this coverage in your Personal Condominium Insurance.  First, you must obtain your Condominium Insurance Bylaws, specifically, the insurance section of them.  Next, fax us a copy of them, so that we can review them and determine what you are liable for if something were to happen to your residence.  Some Condominium Associations cover the inside walls and some do not.  Inside wall coverage is everything that is attached to the inside walls of your condominium.

2.  Personal Property

You must cover this in your Personal Condominium Insurance.  Typically people choose to cover $20,000 of personal property.  Usually, this amount will suffice, however, you may want to take a close look at your belongings, and their worth, to determine if this number should be increased.

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