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I have been a customer of Guarino Insurance for 4 years now. They wrote the policies for my car and my truck. Fortunately I haven’t had to use them much but when i have they have made it exceptionally easy for me. In past dealings there always seemed to be issues at renewal time, but, with Guarino there have been zero issues. If I couldn’t speak to someone immediately they were always very prompt on returning calls and always extremely courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone (and have!!).

- Philip

I was referred to Mr. Guarino through a friend and have been fully satisfied with his services.  My previous agent was difficult to get in touch with and far less willing to get to know me and my personal needs as an individual.  I would highly recommend Mr. Guarino as a car insurance agent because of his strong work ethic; desire to please my needs as a client, and his ability to form long lasting relationships with clients.  He has quickly answered all questions I have had concerning my insurance and hastily contacted me back anytime he was unable to pick up his office line. I plan on maintaining Mr. Guarino as my car insurance agent for a long time.

- Alec K

Andrew Guarino has been beyond a pleasure to work with. His industry knowledge combined with a personable attitude helped me find the right policy for my interests. Trust and confidence are two of the most valued characteristics found in an insurance agent, and Andrew possesses both qualities.

Andrew also has an attention to detail that is critical to successfully matching the client with their policy. He demonstrates a bias for action and is always willing to go the extra mile, or take on additional work, to complete what the client requires.

Andrew is diligent, respectful, hard working, trustworthy, and always brought positive energy to our consultations. I highly recommend Andrew as an insurance agent across all policies of interest.

- Michelle H

Andrew Guarino has shown exemplary service in assisting any of my needs whether it be general questions about the policy, charges & fees, or assistance with my claims. Anytime I have an issue or question he goes out of his way to provide a level of service that is above and beyond that which most agents provide. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future and highly recommend him. Dealing with Andrew and the rest of Daniel J. Guarino Insurance is much easier than trying to deal with the large companies directly.

- Antonio P

Chris Guarino provided excellent service when our condo association looked for a new master insurance. Very competent, punctual and helpful – I can highly recommend Chris.

- Markus M

I randomly found Chris Guarino from a Google search that turned up his father’s business, and I have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and keen ability to solve my needs. He is very thorough with the details (which is essential in the insurance business), and explains concepts in a simple straightforward manner. Plus, I know that I can give him a call in the future if I need to follow up on anything. I highly recommend Chris to anyone as an insurance agent and he will be the first guy I call for all my insurance needs in the future.

- Joshua G

Andrew has been extremely helpful through my time working with him. When I decided to move to MA and buy a car all in the same month he made the transition seamless. Andrew worked directly with my car dealership to ensure that everything I needed was taken care of. The greatest part about working with Andrew is the piece of mind that he will do his very best to make your life just a little bit easier. He responds quickly to any request through email and phone calls, if he needs to check on something you can be sure you will hear back the moment he has your answer. This level of attention to detail and excellence in customer services extends to all services offered by the team, be it auto or renters insurance, I have never had anything but a great experience.  In today’s world where customer service is lacking in most businesses Andrew and the team at Daniel J. Guarino Insurance Agency have brought back that personal touch that makes all the difference!

- Diana C

Andrew, we appreciate everything you have done for us.  We would like to have you be our carrier for our Flood insurance as well.  Although the rate was pretty much the same, we feel you responded to our e-mails in a timely manner and you are easier to get in touch with, and we appreciate that.

- Pamela S

I recently moved from Rhode Island to Massachusetts and in doing so, was required to change my car registration and insurance agency.  I shopped around for a couple of weeks and filled out numerous applications with several agencies for quotes on rates to determine which insurance plan would best fit my needs.  After receiving quotes from many top-tier insurance agencies, I decided that the quote and the policy plan offered by Andrew Guarino through DG Insurance Agency was the ideal option, offering the best coverage at the most affordable price.

This is where my relationship with Andrew Guarino, my Independent Insurance Agent, and DG Insurance Agency began.  From the moment I decided to insure my car with DG Insurance Agency, Andrew Guarino was fully prepared and available to guide me through the process of transferring my out of state registration to Massachusetts.  He drove to my home with the required paperwork to initiate the process, since I was unable to meet with him elsewhere due to scheduling conflicts.  He continually kept me posted on the insurance policy transfer process.  He placed calls to my banking institution on my behalf, obtaining the title documentation.  Andrew prepared a packet for me containing all the necessary paperwork to bring to the Registry.  At the Registry, a clerk told me that I would have to pay over $1500.00 in taxes on my truck to Massachusetts, despite the fact that I had already paid taxes to Rhode Island.

A quick call to DG Insurance Agency and the agency contacted the Registry Headquarters to reconcile the situation at hand.  With the help of Andrew and DG Insurance Agency, I was able to register my truck within minutes.  The tax discrepancy could have resulted in a costly and timely delay, if it had not been for the support of Andrew and the staff at DG Insurance Agency.

I highly recommend Andrew Guarino as an Independent Insurance Agent to my friends, family, coworkers or anyone seeking insurance policies.  He has been extremely accommodating and his professional attitude and efforts have proved to me that he seeks to help his clients in any way that he can.

- Justin B

Andrew Guarino has been my homeowner’s and auto insurance agent for the past year. As a client, I have had nothing but a good experience in dealing with Andrew and I am very satisfied with his performance. He is very informative about various insurance policies and can easily be reached whenever I have a question. He is a people person and he makes sure that his clients get the services they deserve. He continuously checks in to make sure that everything is going well and to see if he could be of any further assistance. I will, and have, recommended Andrew to many of my friends and family.

- Elizabeth M

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