Claim Reporting

If you need to file a claim, you can get the process started by contacting us or by contacting the insurance company directly.


Travelers Personal Lines: 1-877-252-4633
Travelers Commercial Lines: 1-800-832-7839
Report Claim Online:

Norfolk & Dedham
Norfolk & Dedham Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-688-1825
Report Claim Online:

Safety Insurance
Safety Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-951-2100
Safety Glass Only Claims: 1-877-615-6576
Report Claim Online:

Vermont Mutual
Vermont Mutual Personal and Commercial Lines: 1-800-435-0397
Report Claim Online:

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Personal Lines: 1-888-324-1620 (to file a new claim, 24/7)
Report Claim Online:

Bunker Hill Insurance
Bunker Hill Personal Lines: 1-888-472-5246 (to file a new claim, 24/7)
Report Claim Online:


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