Workers Compensation Insurance

Businesses have workers compensation and employment insurance in Massachusetts and Boston to protect an employee’s rights to receive monetary payments when unable to perform working duties due to an injury at work. Below you’ll find information on how your business can be covered and its available options. Read the details on how the benefits coverage matches up with the employer’s liability insurance in Massachusetts.

The Basics of Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation, in the state of Massachusetts, is mandated for employers to purchase. Workers Compensation pays an injured employee a periodic payment, either monthly or weekly. Injuries are covered under this type of insurance only if the injury, or occupational disease, occurs as a result of employment.

The Coverage Parts

Part I – Mandated Benefits

1. Medical Expense Benefits

The insurer will cover unlimited reasonable medical expenses related to the occupational injury.

2. Income Benefits

Loss of income benefits are paid to qualified injured or diseased employees. After a waiting period, the employee usually receives 66 2/3 of their average weekly wage.

3. Funeral Expense Benefit

If a worker dies as a result of an injury at work, then benefits will be paid. Survivor benefits and burial expenses are paid.

4. Rehabilitation

This benefit pays for certain expenses or services in regard to rehabilitating from an occupational injury.

Part II – Employer’s Liability

This section of the policy covers the employers liability in regard to third party lawsuits against the employer. This protects the employer from suits filed by an employee, or their dependents, who may not be subject to Workers’ Compensation law. There are specific limits for this part of the policy.

Part III – Other States Insurance

If an employee will be traveling to other states doing work for their employer, this optional part of a Workers’ Compensation Policy can be purchased to protect that employee and the employer in those other states.

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