Auto Reform Changes that Affect Car Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

This page will inform you of the changes made on April 1st, 2008 through Managed Competition which have an effect on car insurance rates in Massachusetts and your overall Massachusetts automobile insurance policy. Below you’ll see how Massachusetts car insurance rates may have been altered.

Managed competition represents a change from the currently regulated auto insurance market in the state of Massachusetts to a more competitive market where the state will not regulate the rates set by the insurance companies. Managed Competition should benefit consumers in the following ways: (1) It should ensure that people with good driving records, regardless of where they live, will get lower rates; and, (2) it will allow insurance companies more options, within specific parameters, to introduce products that better serve the consumers.

For more info on the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Reform, you can visit the following websites:


If you would like more information regarding the Managed Competition Massachusetts Automobile Reform in 2008, please read some of the following articles

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