Condo Insurance for Unit Owners in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

We will work with you to find the right condo insurance in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Please request a quote or leave us your information through our quick contact form.  Below you’ll find information on how you are covered and your available options for condominium insurance in Massachusetts and Boston.

What Is Condo Insurance?

The Basics

As a condo owner, one’s insurance needs are different than one who owns a home. The reason is because condominium master insurance coverage in Massachusetts, purchased by the condo association, covers the unit’s building, the common areas, and the condo association’s liability.

The master condo insurance policy in Massachusetts, however, does not cover the unit owner’s personal belongings in the condo that is damaged by vandalism, theft or fire. The master policy, also, does not cover the unit owner’s personal liability in the event of a lawsuit.

The Coverage Parts

A typical Condo Insurance policy has a few different sections of coverage. Most likely, one’s policy would include the following coverage parts:

Section I

1. Coverage A – The Dwelling

This part of coverage provides a standard $5,000 of coverage for building items such as additions, alterations or improvements to the unit. This amount can be increased for an additional premium.

2. Coverage C – Unscheduled Personal Property

This part of coverage pays for damage to personal property of the insured arising from a covered peril.

3. Coverage D – Loss of Use

This coverage part pays an insured if the insured incurs additional living expenses, beyond normal living expenses, while living at another location if the residence premises is unavailable due to a covered peril. It includes additional living expenses as well as fair rental value.

Section II

1. Coverage E – Personal Liability Coverage

This coverage part protects an insured if a legal suit is brought against him or her as a result of legal responsibility for bodily injury or property damage to others. This will protect an insured if another person is injured on or off any insured location.

2. Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others Coverage

This coverage part will provide payment of medical expenses for someone that has undergone bodily injury as a result of the personal activities of any insured or as a result of the insured location. Limits do apply to the extent of the medical expenses covered. This coverage applies only to a person on the insured premises with the permission of the insured and a person off the insured premises if the injury is caused by the personal (non-business) activities of the insured. This coverage part also covers against injury caused by an animal owned by the insured.

Other Important Notes

There are other endorsements and additional coverage’s that can be added to a Condo policy by the insured. Please inquire about what your given circumstances require.

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