Disability Insurance Facts

Do you have disability insurance in the state of Massachusetts including greater Boston? Do you know the facts on disability insurance? Below you’ll find information relevant to disability insurance, so it is very important to stay up to date with the most recent news.
1. What are the chances one could suffer a long term disability (90 days or longer) before the age of 65 due to an accident or sickness (according to the U.S. Department of Education and National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research)?              

  • Age 25 – 44%
  • Age 35 – 41%
  • Age 45 – 36%
  • Age 55 – 27%

2. Are people going to get money from Social Security if they get disabled?

  • It is very difficult to qualify for Social Security benefits if you become disabled. The disability has to be quite severe to trigger benefits.  According to a report by the Social Security Administration in 1997, almost 70% of applicants are rejected.
  • If you do get coverage through social security, for many wage earners, it would be a small fraction of their current income.

3. What is the percent of home foreclosures that are the results of a disability?

  • Based on the 1987 Commissioners Group Disability Table (CGDT), it is 48.

4. What are the top five reasons for long- term disability insurance claims?

  • According to UnumProvident Corp in 2001, they are Cancer (13%), Complications from pregnancy (12%), Back problems (11%), Cardiovascular disease (9%), and Depression (5%).

5. What percent of working age Americans are disabled due to a chronic health condition or impairment?

  • According to the 2000 National Health Interview Survey, nearly 10%.

6. What is the likelihood of a worker suffering a serious disability between the ages of 35 and 65?

  • According to the American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI) 2001 Life Insurers Fact Book, the answer is 1 in 3.

7. What is the likelihood of an adult becoming disabled during their adult years?

  • According to the American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI) 2001 Life Insurers Fact Book, the answer is more than two-thirds.

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